Friday 29 June 2012

Yercaud the poor man’s Ooty

Middle class people in India can only dream of holidaying as they are busy with their office schedule and when they manage to find time from office, the home front demands their attention. For the middle class person their whole life passes in fulfilling the never ending demands of the family and the thought of holidaying in exotic locations remains a distant dream. Thanks to Club Mahindra’s time share holiday, a holiday has not remained a distant dream for the middle class person. In their holiday scheme you have to pay low EMIs and they have 42 holiday resorts in exotic locations in India and abroad. One of those locations is Yercaud also known as the poor man’s Ooty. It is located in the Shevaroy hills of the Eastern Ghats in Northern Tamilnadu. It is called the poor man’s Ooty as it is cheaper than Ooty. The climate in Yercaud is pleasant and you don’t need your woollens to travel to Yercaud as it doesn’t become very cold. The beautiful scenery in Yercaud and its pleasant climate is gaining popularity with locals and outsiders. In Tamil Yercaud means Lake Forest and it is so named because there is a lake in its centre and forest all around it. There are coffee plantations and orange orchards in Yercaud. There are different species of flora and fauna in the forest all around. Yercaud is famous mainly for the coffee plantations but other plants also grow here. It is also famous for guava, jackfruit, spices like black pepper and cardamom. The forest in Yercaud has trees like Teak, Sandalwood and Silver Oak. 

For lovers of trekking, there are many trekking spots in Yercaud. A summer festival is arranged during the month of May in Yercaud. In this festival they organize flower shows, dog shows, boating race and fairs.

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  1. The greenery of Yercaud is the first thing that hits you when you visit it. It is one of the greenest places I have seen. Check out the pictures in the Club Mahindra Membership. You will find that the actual place matches the beautiful pictures. I stayed there for two nights. The cottages are like an old British villa. Everything there has a British feel. It is surrounded by the coffee plantations and trees like teak, silver oak and sandalwood. You get a strong feel of forest here. The Club Mahindra resort is just beautiful. I got a lovely view from my balcony. The sounds of the forest are heard in one’s rooms and one goes to sleep listening to all the different insects and birds. The food is not very good, but is manageable. I enjoyed my stay here so much that I didn’t bother too much about food. I went there with my family of three, I, my wife and our ten-year old son. He enjoyed the stay very much. If you love walking and trekking then there is a lot to do in Yercaud. The hotel staff members were very good and very well trained. I found them very helpful, polite and courteous.