Tuesday, 5 June 2012


In the present world free time in life is a rare commodity and a great welcome. The job market keeps us busy and stressed 24*7. When one becomes free from job the home front keeps us busy. One really longs for some peaceful time in life. Even the annual leaves are a rare thing to get. Now if at all one acquire some leaves, the headache of searching a destination for holiday. Some people love the beaches and some people love hill stations. To decide between a beach spot and a hill station becomes an ordeal. Let me tell you of a holiday spot   if you are one of the mountain lovers, one of the best choices in India of course other than Himalayas would be kodaikanal, located in the Pallani hills in south India. It is definitely a very personal choice and each place has its part of fun. If you are going to a place with lot of beaches you can be ready with your swimsuits and beach gear, and if you plan for a mountain resort what you would require is a trekking gear. Located in the southern part of India this queen of all hill stations provides you plenty of activities. You can sign up with Club Mahindra holiday and visit Kodaikanal. If you are planning to buy things from Kodaikanal, it is famous for Eucalyptus oil, chocolates and fruits. You can buy this stuff for your family members back home.

Kodaikanal is a popular hill station in Tamil Nadu. It is known as the Princess of all hill stations and is located in the Pallani Hills in Western Ghats. It is 7,200 feet above sea level.  Because of its scenic beauty and serene locale it is a popular destination with honeymooning couples. It can mesmerize you with its beauty.  There are lakes, waterfalls boating facility in the lovely lakes and several other activities which makes it popular with other nature lovers too. Kodaikanal means gift of the forest in the local language. The thick forest, the huge rocks and the lovely lakes makes it a mesmerizing tourist spot. Kodaikanal.

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  1. Club Mahindra Reviews

    Deciding upon a holiday and then packing for the right stuff can be a real task, I suggest one can leave it to club Mahendra.They have lots of package tour which fits into your budget well and you don’t have to look into a map to see the spots to visit or what to carry what not to carry. I went to Kodai kanal with my club Mahindra holiday package. It is a lovely hill station with plenty of activities. The coaker’s villa resort is a lovely resort with all modern facilities. My room was good with all modern facilities and plenty of activities for the kids and for us. There is boating, trekking, and in-house activities too. The in-house activities include Salsa classes, karaoke evenings, treasure hunt and several other activities. The staff at the resort is good and efficient and very well-trained. As soon as our check-in formalities were completed, they informed us with all the activities we could do. They arrange for tours around the local attractions and provide us with all facilities. We enjoyed at Pine forest, green valley Chattier Park and also visited some of temples. It was a wonderful holiday and I thank Mahindra club and am looking forward to next holidays, Hope I can plan them soon with club Mahindra.