Friday 1 June 2012

Whispering Pines Mashobra Tourism

The town of Mashobra is located in Himachal Pradesh. Mashobra is a hill station that is ideal for tourism. It is loved by tourists who are looking for greenery and peace of mind. There is a huge wildlife sanctuary located in Mashobra. Mashobra also has many ancient temples for the religiously inclined tourists. There are many apple orchards in the lovely town of Mashobra that you can visit. You can also visit the colonial style bungalows. The wildlife sanctuary here is home to the rare musk deer. You can view many rare plants and animals here. Club Mahindra has a resort here, which you can visit. Mashobra lies on the road from Shimla to Naldehra. This town is located at a height of 2148 metres above sea level. It is located at a distance of six miles from Shimla church. The complete valley is covered with pine trees and oaks and is ideal for a pleasant walk. The climate of Mashobra is extremely soothing. The Goddess Durga temple in Mashobra is worth visiting and it should be a must visit in your itinerary. This temple has enormous religious significance for the people who follow the Hindu religion. Mashobra is an extremely beautiful hill station and the lovely flora and fauna adds to the charm of Mashobra.

Mashobra also has some very beautiful gardens to visit. Mashobra attracts tourists from the world over. Mashobra is reachable by air, rail and road too. The nearest airport is thirty-seven kilometres away and the nearest railway station is one hundred and two kilometres away. Mashobra is just sixteen kilometres away from Shimla. The whispering pines gables hotel was built by Sir Gilbert Campbell in 1866. Many celebrities have visited this famous resort. Whispering Pines has many luxurious rooms and you can book a room here and enjoy excellent hospitality of the hotel staff.

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  1. My visit to whispering pines Mashobra was excellent. I went there alone and got a room with a view of the valley. It is an excellent place for family holidays. The rooms are very clean and spacious and also have a coffee maker. The room heater made the room very cosy as it becomes quite cold in the evening. The room has all the facilities to make it a comfortable room. The hotel staff is very well-trained and polite. My check-in formalities were very smooth and the hotel executive told me about all the places I could visit. There are plenty of activities for children and adults. Games like table tennis and badminton are also there for the children and adults. The food was served buffet style and it has a lot of variety. I can confidently say that all the inmates loved the food as it was very delicious. The bathrooms were very comfortable with some fancy fittings and hot running water.

    I enjoyed my trip to Mashobra very much and would recommend it to everyone. The hotel has excellent facilities and Mashobra town has very scenic beauty. I can safely say that your trip to Mashobra is money well spent.