Tuesday 5 June 2012

Hotel Club Mahindra Varca Beach Paradise

If you are beach lover and have only seen beaches in some parts of India, you have yet to experience a lot in life; you will be surprised by the sheer beauty of Varca beach located in South Goa. This lovely beach has a serene and calm ambience and lovely white sands stretching for miles. Whether you like water sports or want to soak up the sun Varca is your best bet as it has not just virgin sands, it also offers you delicious sea food.
Varca is a calm and tranquil beach located in south Goa. It is free from the noise and pollution of the North Goa beaches. Varca beach is located just five kilometers away from the popular beach of Benaulim. This is a charming beach resort with all modern facilities. You can enjoy delicious sea food in the quaint beach shacks that serve authentic goan sea food. The shacks offer you good food, nice service and a nice ambience; it is an all in one package of comfort and relaxation. There are several such food shacks that offer you delicious food, good drinks and comfortable service at a reasonable price.

Varca beach is a ten kilometers long isolated beach of pure white sand. This beach is perfect for sun bathing and relaxing in the sun. Varca beach is full of natural beauty with black lava rocks that surround the sand. You can enjoy sun bathing in the large number of sun beds that dot the long beach. You can lounge around in the long beach. Some parts of the beach have wooden fishing boats for the fishermen to bring a fresh haul of fishes. There are several three and five star hotels located behind the beach. You can enjoy the sight of these hotels with lovely gardens and beautiful scenery.


  1. A middle class family can plan a holiday all their life, but can never afford a holiday as all their money is spent in their day-to-day expenses, but club Mahindra offers a chance to middle class families to go on exotic holidays like Varca beach and offers five star facilities at middle class rates.

    I went to Varca beach resort with my Club Mahindra Membership. I had read many negative reviews of club Mahindra, but their Varca beach resort is a pleasant surprise. I loved the ambience. My room was good and comfortable. The check in facilities was very smooth. I went with my wife. Our room was spacious with all modern amenities. The bathroom was also nice and large with modern facilities. The garden is lovely and you get a nice view of the beach from the room. Their coffee shop is good and the food is delicious. The staff is courteous and nice. I’m emphasizing these points so that you don’t believe the negative reviews of club Mahindra. I found the resort far beyond my expectations. This resort has a lovely swimming pool and if you love swimming you can soak yourself here. The food is so delicious that I didn’t bother to check out the numerous shacks lining the beach. Overall I had a good trip and enjoyed myself thoroughly.

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