Tuesday 12 June 2012

Club Mahindra Derby Green in Ooty

It is hard to find time to holiday in the present world. Office and work keeps us busy and we can hardly make time for our family. When we manage to find time from the busy office schedule, family seeks our attention. One seeks some respite from the humdrum of daily life. Once you have managed to find time, you need the finances and a destination to holiday in. Ooty is definitely not for the short of cash tourist as it is rather expensive, but through Club Mahindra time share holidays you can afford to visit Ooty.

Ooty is a favourite with the film industry people and many movies have been shot in Ooty. It is green, full of scenic spots and has lovely climate too. It has tea and coffee plantations, waterfalls, lakes where you can do boating, museum of orchids and many other fun filled activities. Ooty has a lot to offer to the tourist lush greenery in the form of tea estates and green forests, a climate that is soothing through the year round. Mist covered mountains and picturesque landscape. Ooty is indeed the queen of hill stations in Southern India. It borders the three southern states hence people from Tamil Nadu., Karnataka and Kerala can conveniently visit Ooty

The prime attractions of Ooty are the government botanical gardens, rose gardens, Doddabeta peak, Dolphins nose and several other places. You can go boating and trekking when you visit Ooty. The quaint Nilgiri Mountain railway is worth taking a ride in. It is the oldest railway in India and has been declared as a World Heritage site. Ooty is located at a distance of 105 kilometres away from Coimbatore. It is located at a height of 2280 metres above sea level. Ooty offers one of the best holiday spot for the nature lover.

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  1. One thing good about Club Mahindra holiday spots is they are well arranged. I went to Ooty through my Club Mahindra Membership; I can safely say that I never had a better time in my life. The hotel was good and gave a beautiful view of the Blue Mountains or in other words the Nilgiri hills. My room was very comfortable and the staff offered us coffee while we were completing our check-in formalities. Derby green is simply an awesome place to stay. The staff is very polite and friendly. They guide you completely about the sightseeing; we were given complete details of the places we could visit. I loved the activities they have for families and kids. The food was very delicious and made our day. All the activities in the evening, the bonfire with other families lets you make friends with other travellers. In case you feel cold easily then you must carry some woollen clothing, though I didn’t require any. The race course is worth seeing and you are just lucky you get to see so many things when you stay at Derby Green. My holiday was absolutely relaxing and I can say my money was well spent.