Friday 20 July 2012

Sasan Gir National Park Tourism

Sasan Gir is an important wildlife sanctuary in India. It is a popular tourist place in Gujarat. Gir National Park is well known all over the world as the last habitat of the Asiatic lion. A land with a long and deep historical past, Sasan Gir is popular with many Indian voyagers, travelers and adventurers. Located in the Junagarh district of Gujarat, it is an important part of tourism in Gujarat. The tourist attractions in Sasan Gir include the National Park, the historic town of Junagarh, the ancient temple of Somnath, and the beaches of Ahmedpur Mandwi and Chorwad. The tour packages for Sasan Gir National Park offer a variety of itineraries that cover most of the tourist attractions in Sasan Gir.  The major tourist attractions of Sasan Gir are:

Sasan Gir National park: It is the last refuge of the Asiatic Lion and it is very popular. This park was made a sanctuary by the Nawab of Junagarh. He initiated the conservation efforts that followed. Safaris are conducted at dawn or dusk by jeep and you can spot rare animals through the safaris. The National Park has a wide range of wildlife on display that includes lions, panthers, caracal, hyena, wild cat, sambar, chital, chowsingha, wild boar, nilgai, langur, macaques, and chinkara.

Nalsarovar Lake: This is one of the three reservoirs that adjoin the Sasan Gir wildlife sanctuary. The Nalsarovar Lake is home to a large species of birds, including migratory species that arrive here from far off places. The main bird species spotted here are: partridges, wood peckers, sand grouse, cuckoos, bush quail, paradise flycatcher, eagles, parrots, and flamingos. 

Junagarh: Junagarh is a town that has a deep history. It was part of the former princely state of Junagarh. It has several tourist attractions like the Girnar temples, mahabat ka maqbara, uperkot fort and durbar hall museum. 

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