Sunday 29 July 2012

Club Mahindra Lake Pavna (Pawna) Resort Tungi Lonavala Maharashtra

I signed up for club Mahindra while I was on a roaming at a city mall in my hometown Bangalore. A boy approached me and asked me for my name and number, I asked him why he wanted that information, and he said there would be a lucky draw so I gave him my number. After 4 days I received a call from the Club Mahindra office informing me that I had won a complimentary holiday. I was very happy but there was a catch, I had to sign up for a Club Mahindra membership. I found the membership fee was very reasonable and the EMIs were really low. So I signed up for the holiday and have never regretted signing up for the holiday membership.

Just about 85 kms from Pune is a tiny village named Tungi. Based on the foothills of Tungi Fort and overlooking Lake Pavna and Tikona Fort gives the village a wonderful location advantage. And if you get to stay at Lake Pavna a resort by Mahindra Holidays you couldn’t be asking for anything better to cheer you up for a weekend or any other days for that matter. The property sits on the edge of the mountain giving fabulous views of pristine landscape that falls in Taluka Maval.

Lake Pavana as the resort is called is one of the latest properties introduced by Mahindra Holidays. Not very large in size and given its excellent access to Mumbai and Pune, I can imagine the demand from its members. However, if you fail to get a booking, you do have the option to stay at hotels on the main road or in Lonavala itself. The property is set on many acres. Club cars and other vehicles are at guests disposal. Rooms are excellent with many offering view of the Pavana dam and its backwaters. Only one restaurant was functional. The food was good but as expected it was expensive. And why not? Guests don’t have options to eat out unless one is willing to tackle 18 kms of bad road!


  1. I went to Lake Pavana recently through my Club Mahindra Membership. The road leading to the resort is not so good. The resort is one of the largest club Mahindra resorts and is a very green property. The amenities provided in the rooms are of very good quality. The hospitality is also of the highest quality. There are two functional swimming pools. You can take part in adventure activities like trekking, night camping, valley crossing etc. Food served was very good and I really loved the food. Club Mahindra gives the middle class citizen a chance to holiday otherwise the middle class citizen can’t afford a holiday in India. I also read a couple of negative Club Mahindra reviews but believe me the resort is worth every penny you spend on it and the holiday is very good. I would recommend the Pavana resort to everybody and Club Mahindra people are very genuine. This resort is very big and spacious and is located beside the lake. There is plenty of indoor activity. The gym and the spa are both excellent and are equipped with the latest equipment. Location and view of the main pool is amazing. The resort is located next to the lake and is very beautiful.

  2. Not everything is great about Club Mahindra... do google around or visit for more info !

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