Monday 9 July 2012


Can the middle class citizen of India dream of holidaying in exotic locations. I would say no to that. Bogged down as we are with work and family life, our holidays are spent attending to the needs of the family and visiting relatives if we manage to find time to holiday. I managed to holiday in exotic locations in India thanks to Club Mahindra, who have resorts in some 42 destinations in India and abroad. I got my Club Mahindra membership through a phone call that I got at my office informing me about the Club Mahindra tour package. The rates were so reasonable that I immediately signed up. I have never regretted my decision.

The pristine beaches of Pondicherry also known as Pudducherry remind you the French colonial culture. This is one of the seven union territories of India. Presently Pondicherry town is the capital of the union territory. Pudducherry literally translated means new town. Popularly known as Pondy the town is a favorite destination of those who want to enjoy the pristine beaches of Pondicherry. Pondicherry is located on the Coromandel shoreline. It was ruled by the French for three centuries. Today it is a living monument of the French culture in India.

What attracts tourists to Pondicherry is its beautiful beaches, its natural beauty and the pleasant climate. The cuisine is also superb here and beer is cheaply available.

Pondicherry was a French colony from 1675 to 1954 and it became a part of the Indian union in 1954. Pondicherry was once upon a time an obscure village that later became a centre for learning. Pondicherry is full of historical architectural marvels. One of the main attractions of Pondicherry is the Sri Aurobindo ashram, where Sri Aurobindo and the mother spent time uplifting the society around them.  Some of the other attractions of Pondicherry are Auroville, Church of the sacred Heart of Jesus and the lovely beaches of Pondicherry.


  1. I went to the Zest villa in October 2011. My stay was wonderful. More wonderful is the story of how I got my Club Mahindra Membership. Friends, don’t believe all the negative club Mahindra reviews that you read. It is worth every penny that you spend on it. I got a call once at my office informing me that I had won a complimentary holiday from Club Mahindra, I asked the executive who was calling from where he had got my number, and he replied from an online survey that I had filled. I went to the Club Mahindra office and they told me that I had to sign up with a club Mahindra membership to avail of the free holiday. I enquired about the membership fee and found that it was very reasonable with very low EMIs. I signed up with them and have never regretted my decision.
    The Zest big beach spans over 24 acres of land. It is an excellent place to unwind. The seashore is just 200 kilometers from the lobby. The manager and staff at the resort are very helpful and courteous. They have lots of facilities like TT, volleyball, library and swimming. Internet is also available in the lobby. The food is good and I enjoyed my stay at the resort.

  2. Major attractions of Pondicherry are Aurobindo Ashram, The French Institute, The Pondicherry Museum, and the Botanical Garden hotels in pondicherry It has 4 well-done up conference and banquet halls that are outfitted with contemporary paraphernalia for superior business efficiency