Tuesday 15 May 2012

Club Mahindra Spiti Valley Eco Tourism

Spiti is the sub-division of the Lahul and Spiti district. It is considered little Tibet because of the large Tibetan population that is settled there. It also has a terrain that is similar to Tibet. Lahul Spiti is located one hundred and twenty kilometres away from Manali. Spiti means middle country. Spiti is full of snow clad glaciers and bare mountains. Spiti is located in the northern most part of Himachal Pradesh. Spiti valley runs parallel to the Tibetan border and it has been opened to tourists in the year 1992.

It is an emerging tourist place and has a curious blend of beautiful nature and culture. Spiti has a blend of Buddhism and Hinduism. Lahul and Spiti are two different valleys. While Lahul is green and full of vegetation, Spiti is like a dessert. It has some famous Tibetan monasteries here. You can see a number of temples and monasteries in Lahul and Spiti.

Lahul Spiti not just offers a number of temples and monasteries to visit, it also has a number of beautiful lakes. The three famous lakes in the lahul district are the Chandra Tal lake, Suraj Tal lake and Dashir lake. There is also a wildlife park located in the Lahul Spiti district known as the Pin Valley National park. This national park contains a variety of rare animals like the woolly hare, snow leopard and Tibetan Gazelle.

If you are religiously inclined then you can visit the triloknath temple and Mrikula Devi temple and if you want to visit the beautiful Tibetan monasteries in Spiti you can visit the Tabo monastery, the Kie Monastry, yang yud Gompa and the Kungri Gompa and several other monasteries. Lahul Spiti is a blend of nature and culture and is worth a visit, if you love snow clad glaciers and beautiful himaliayas and want to view Tibetan culture at close quarters a visit to Lahul Spiti is a must.


  1. Club Mahindra Reviews

    This was my first visit to Spiti, I was totally spellbound by the beauty of the Himalayas. My experience at the wonderful club Mahindra resort was just wonderful. The ethnic style rooms that were, clean, spacious and comfortable were very good. The check in formalities was very smooth. My room was facing the valley and every morning I could see the beautiful Spiti valley.

    The food provided was delicious and had lots of variety. I even tried the Chinese food and it was very well-cooked. I travelled a lot and saw all parts of Spiti. I would recommend this place to everybody. The club Mahindra staff was very efficient and well-trained. I found them very polite and courteous. The activities organised by the staff are fun, if you want to take part in them. I was keener on travelling around and enjoying the beautiful Himachal valley. The bathrooms were very clean with twenty four hour hot running water. The balcony of my room gave a complete view of the valley and it was breathtaking. The Spiti valley is worth if you want to see the beautiful Himalayas and Tibetan culture. The exotic monasteries are worth visiting. I enjoyed my trip to Spiti and enjoyed Club Mahindra’s hospitality.

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