Wednesday 30 May 2012

Club Mahindra Naukuchiatal Tourism

Naukuchiatal is a nine cornered lake located in the foothills of Nainital, Uttrakhand. Naukuchiatal means nine cornered lake. Naukuchiatal comes under the lake district of Nainital. It is located at a height of 1220 metres above sea level. The lake is about 1 kilometre long and is about 40 metres deep. It is the deepest lake in the Nainital area. There are activities like rowing, paddling and yachting conducted here. The climate is pleasant in summers and winters are cold. The lovely climate and the panoramic view of the lake and its surroundings make Naukuchiatal a favoured destination of tourists. Every year thousands of tourists flock to Nainital to enjoy the beautiful view of Naukuchiatal and its surroundings.

The popular myth about Naukuchiatal is that a person who can view all the nine corners of the lake in one shot attains Nirvana. This lake is fed by an underwater natural spring. Located in the marvellous Kumaon region Naukuchiatal has a fabulous collection of flora and fauna.

People who love adventure sports can take part in them. Just four kilometres from Naukuchiatal is located Bhimtal another lake with great scenic beauty. Bhimtal offers boating and rafting activities. Sattal is another lake located in the same district and is very popular with tourists. The town has very less population and there are small shops selling local handicrafts. The ideal time to travel to Naukuchiatal is March to June and September to November. Winter is very cold and it often snows so all tourist activity comes to a halt during winters. Naukuchiatal is located at a distance of three hundred and twenty kilometres from the national capital Delhi. You can travel by road or take a train to reach Nainital and then travel by taxi. Naukuchiatal offers the tourist beautiful scenery along with adventure sports.

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  1. I went to Nainital for my holidays. From there I went to the Naukuchiatal club Mahindra resort. The resort is good. I had read some Club Mahindra Reviews before I went to Naukuchiatal. The reviews evoked mixed feelings as some of them recommended the others were very critical of the resort. I decided to check out the resort on my own. The resort is good and the club Mahindra staff is well-trained and efficient. They told me about all the places I could visit.

    My room was comfortable and nice. It overlooked the lake and I felt refreshed just looking at the beautiful lake. The bathrooms had running hot water and were nice. On the whole my room was very comfortable, though some of the inmates complained about the bathroom, mine was very nice. The food was delicious and everything was to my liking. Some of the other guests complained about the food also but I loved it. There were plenty of activities for those who wanted to take part in it. I went for boating and thoroughly enjoyed myself. There are some indoor games and activities for children too. On the whole the club Mahindra resort is good and comfortable and I completely enjoyed my trip to Naukuchiatal.