Wednesday 2 May 2012

Ashtamudi the Water Paradise

Astamudi the water paradise is located in the Kollam district of God’s own country, Kerala. It is known for its magnificent views. Ashatamudi literally means eight coned  or eight armed after the eight branches of the lake.  It is a gateway to the backwaters and  the second largest lake network in Kerala.Ashatamudi is surrounded by villages and coconut grooves. Because of this it is also known for its lush greenery. The lake network opens into the Arabian sea in the north. The backwaters are self-supporting and full of aquatic life. The canals connect quaint villages located on the banks of the lakes and are used for local transport.The placid backwaters are heavenly to crusie on.

 Ashtamudi is a palm shaped water body and is 55 kilometers long. It is divided into eight creeks. The eight arms converge into a single exit point at Neendakara near Kollam where it enters the Lakshadweep sea or. This is the deepest estuary located in Kerala. It is 6.4 meters deep at the confluence zone. The main river that discharges into the Ashtamudi backwaters is the Kallada river. It is formed by the coming together of three rivers, mainly the Kulathupuzha, the Chendurni and the Kalthuruthy. The origin of the Kallada river is in the western ghats. It runs through thick rainforest and finally joins the Ashtamudi wetlands. You can cruise on the Ashtamudi lake by hiring boats.

Kerala has splendid rainforest, lush green coconut trees and serene backwaters. It is aptly called God’s own country. The Ayurvedic massage centers located in Kerala are world renowned with many Hollywood and Bollywood Celebrities frequenting it. Kerala is unique because of its backwaters. Because of the huge network of rivers, lakes and canals that open into the Arabian sea, Kerala is famous for its greenery. A trip to Ashtamudi is indeed worthwhile.

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    I had read some good club Mahindra reviews before I chose, Kollam for a holiday. Most of the reviews I had read, recommended this holiday spot. As I have a Club Mahindra membership, I decided to check Ashtamudi out. On reaching the Club Mahindra staff executive, made us comfortable and informed us about all the activities we could participate in. We loved the boat cruise. This place is also known as cashew capital of the world. The quality of food provided is very good, especially the sea food. Most of the dishes were cooked with coconut.

    The Club Mahindra resort at a distance from the town, some people complained about this, but I thought it was very calm and peaceful. The hours spent on the boat cruise were worthwhile and I loved watching the quaint villages on the banks of the river. One thing that happens at the Kollam resort is you are physically and mentally relaxed.