Monday 30 April 2012

Coorg: Hill station Paradise

Coorg is a beautiful hill station situated in the lush Western Ghats. It is full of picturesque views and can be accessed by road.Coorg is a famous hill station located in the beautiful state of Karnataka. It is located 252 kilometres away from Bangalore. This town is located 1525 meters above sea level on the Western Ghats plateau.
Madikeri is the main town in the district of Coorg and thids district holds a number of attractions for tourists. Temples, palaces, waterfalls and scenic spots are all here. Raja’s seat in Madikeri is the place from where the kings used to watch the sunset with their queens. This place is one of the most scenic locations in Southern part of India. The view is breathtaking as you can see lush green valleys and towering hills. This place is perfect for a morning stroll.

The second attraction of Coorg is the Omkareshwara temple. This temple is designed like a dargah and there is a lingah near the entrance door. Legend inscribed on a copper plate says that the king had unjustly put a Brahmin to death and this temple was made to appease his spirit.

The other attraction is the Madikeri fort. This fort was taken over from Tipu Sultan by the British and they converted the inside temple into an Anglican Church, which is now used as a museum.
There is a beautiful waterfall called the Abbi falls in Coorg, this is located at a distance of 8 kilometres from the main town.

For those who love fishing, there is a fishing camp also in this district. The Valnur fishing is located near Kushalanagar on the banks of the river Cauvery. If you are a fishing enthusiast try catching the majestic Mahseer fish after taking permission from the Coorg wildlife society.

Coorg also has the largest settlement of Tibetans in South India. This district is full of attractions for the tourist.


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